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Historic Racecar with very good history
1300 GTA Corsa wide body
AR 776 059

Alfa Romeo 1800 GTA
Alfa Romeo 1800 GTA
Alfa Romeo 1800 GTA

This car was delivered 1970 to Alfa Romeo Germany (confirmed by Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo) and was exported to Austria the same year (written confirmation by first austrian owner, also registration papers). Here the GTA was very successfully in austrian Hillraces and circuitraces and became austrian statechampion in 1973 (apart from 3 vice state titles till 1976). I have almost 75 newspaper articles, newspaperpictures and personal letters from the successfiull drivers and the races. The car was driven and owned by many well known austrian racedrivers, one was the father of Ex-F1 driver Karl Wendlinger, Karl Wendlinger senior. He had another 1300 GTA Corsa and was very succesfull driving  the GTA's. The car then had one more known owner in Austria and was 1982 sold to Sweden. I have all export papers from this transaction, the new Swedish owner is also known. In 1987 the GTA was sold to another swedish owner. He restored the car cosmetically and used it for some trackdays. In January 2002 i bought the car from this person, i drove personaly to Stockholm and picked it up.

In 2005 the GTA was taken out of the corner and completly stripped down and all wings, front and backpanel removed. All 4 floorpans were also cut out. The car had a very buisy life as a race car and that could clearly be seen. So the best was to beginn from scratch. This meant after the work mentioned before the bodyshell went on our correct GTA body jig and there all suspension points were brought were they should be. Then all sills (rockers) were replaced, the lower cooler bar was replaced and in a traditional way we made more room for the intake area of the engine. We welded in 4 new floorpans and spotwelded the hole bodyshell to stiffen it. Then the dodyshell went with the body jig to a professionel cage builder. One of ten cages (designed by us, fully F.I.A legal) that i ordered  was welded into the bodyshell. Material is the ultrastrong CrMo4, that saves extra weight. Back in my workshop we had a look at the rearaxle area. The car has the much thought after sliding block rearaxle suspension, but the mounting points for this system were not ridig enough in my mind. So we improved and strenthend those areas (this alone took 100 hours). Apart from that we made a lot of improvments that racing told us the last years (like rigid towing hooks, so that in case of tow the aluminium panels are not bended and paint will crack). Then we welded (WIG-welding) on new backwings and a new rear panel and put on the paintfree original front wings and front panel. The original wide wheelsarches were repaired a lot of times, i iwas lucky to have two new sets of original Autodelta arches with perfect fitting quality.

What you see on the pictures is the condition it is in now, the bootlid and doors are the original ones. The hood will be a good used one, all these parts are lightend. As an option i can offer fiberglass doors and enginehood. I am in talks with the painter now, the car should have back its original bianco spino (white) it had when it was delivered and raced (confirmed by Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo). Then it will get an original 1300 GTA badge set in green and eventually a green nose.

When i get back the painted bodyshell we are first building the suspension, with new and harder bushes and ball joints, lightend and powdercoated suspension parts (trailing arms for example),  new adjustable top arms, correct sliding block backaxle with short ratio, correct new aluminium front calipers (like GTAm) with vented disks and new backcalipers and disks, full stainless steel braided brake & petrol lines and the original lightend pedal box. Inside we will put in the original Autodelta lightwheigt (fiber) dashboard with the original 10.000 U/min revmeter. The following parts will also go into the car: original 90 Liter petrol tank, new high capacity Mitsuba petrol pump, very clean new race electrics (tention free), new Koni/Bilstein dampers, new adjustable top arms, correct redone GTA gearbox, original high capacity radiator with new net, lightweight steel flywheel, new racing clutch system, original GTA exhaust manifold with correct sidepipe and we will of course put on the original 9 x 13 Campagnolo magnesium wheels finished new in silver or gold. New perspex plastic windows except front screen. So everythink is new or overhault.

I can offer the car with a new 1300 or 1600 carburettor engine . The 1600 GTA engine would be the most reliable with about 170 hp.

Price  on request.

There is also the option to build a 16v „screemer“ engine for this car.

Contact: 0049 172 4310 284

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